Studio Rules

Adult supervision is required at all times.  No child may be left in the studio alone.
Parents/Guardians will be required to complete a waiver for all minors under age 18 prior to entry.

Shoes and or socks are required by all patrons.

Please wash hands before entering the studio and leaving the studio. This will help with the spread of germs.

We allow outside food and beverages. Please feel free to bring in your own meals or snacks!  **** NO NUT or PEANUT      PRODUCTS. No candy, chewing gum or alcohol.  Cakes of any kind are only allowed with a paid party reservation. Please eat and drink at the picnic tables in the art area.  If you forgot a snack, we have a few snacks and beverages for sale in the office.
Children must be dressed in clean, dry clothing and diapers must be covered.  Change all diapers in the designated area.

We clean toys daily. However if your child has put a toy in his/her mouth, we have a sanitation area for parents to place toys.

We enforce a strict sick child/adult policy. Out of respect for others, please do not bring your child to play if you or your child is showing any signs of illness.

Lil’Bug Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.